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April 2019

Walkers Spicy Sriracha Crisps, Galaxy Golden Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Refreshers, Jelly Tots, Tunnocks Snowball, Maltesers Bunny, Milkybar Mixups, Mini Randoms and Foam Shrimps Pick N Mix. (Easter Month).

March 2019

Tangy Toms, Toffee Crisp Bites, KitKat Senses Salted Caramel, Kinder Chocolate, Cherry Drops, Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit, Smarties Mini, Fruit Salad, Maynards Wine Gums and Rosey Apples Pick N Mix.


December 2018

Twiglets, Maltesers Mini Reindeers, Dairy Milk Snowman, Fun Gums, Cadbury Snow Bites, Murray Mints, Drumstick Chews, Haribo Mini Strawbs, Galaxy Festive Cake Bar and Sherbet Straws (Christmas Month).

November 2018

Refreshers Chews, Cadbury Double Decker, Kitkat, Maltesers, Penguin Cake Crunchies, Milkybar, Fruit Pastilles, Rainbow Drops, Milkyway Magic Stars and Strawberry Laces Pick N Mix.


October 2018

Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Brain Blasterz, Cadbury Goo Heads, Kinder Bueno, Smarties Mini, Darkside Skittles, Cadbury Crunchie, Black Jack, Jaffa Cakes Mini and Spooky Body Parts Pick N Mix (Halloween Month).

September 2018

Oreo Joy Fills, Caramac, McCoys Chips, Lemony Coconut Ice, Tango Shock Rocks, Giant Parma Violets, KitKat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge, Smarties, Crunchy Nut Bar and Strawberry Bonbons Pick N Mix.


August 2018

Skittles Chewies, Waf-Fulls Choco Hazelnut, Peanut Lion, Salt &anmp; Vinegar Chipsticks, Dip Dab Sour, Rolos, Cadbury Flake, Maoam Strawberry Stripes, Vanilla Whip and Choco Limes Pick N Mix.

July 2018

Dairy Milk Oreo, Haribo Tangfastics Stixx, Love Hearts Dip, Tunnock's Caramel bar, Fruit Salad Softies Sour, Milkybar Wowsomes, Cadbury Curlywurly, Marmite Walkers potato chips, Red Leicester Mini Cheddars and Rhubarb & Custard Pick N Mix.


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