About Us

We’re British and we like food, especially what's available on the shelves of our our supermarkets. You see a lot of American treats regularly in British supermarket shelves like Twinkies, Cheetos, Reeses but you can’t beat some of the British foods we have already on our small island.


One day we thought that there's probably going to be other people around the World who might even be interested in sampling some of our favorite British treats. We thought for a little while how this may work and we decided that by doing it where you sign up and receive a package full of surprises each month.


Each month we curate a box of candy (sweets as the Brits call them) and other tasty snacks that we know you will love. They could be anything from a British staple to something that could be seasonal limited edition. You'll be sure to like it and we can't wait to bring you a smile with what we'll come up with every month. So what are you waiting for, subscribe now and enjoy! So what are you waiting for, order now and enjoy!


Also if you have any questions, check out our Support section to see our frequently asked questions or reach out to us.